FYRKANT is playable with NES controllers, HYPE!!!

The third release from Intervoxel is...



Try it, you might like it! But probably not. All beta-testers said that this game sucks.


Controls are in the readme. Good luck!


Click the game name above to download!


/The Intervoxel Team

Woot woot! A new release!

Do you have split vision? Do your brain halves agree? And most importantly, are you ready to soccer?!


Control two players on different soccer fields simultaneously, one with each hand, in this frantic and free top-down soccer game from Intervoxel! Hook up two controllers and play against a friend (2 player local only, no AI or online, sorry!), or against three friends by co-oping on each controller!


Left analog stick controls your player on the left field and the right stick your player on the right field. Bumpers performs slide tackles on the respective side, and triggers performs extra hard jump-kicks. The ball can go over the players, so watch out! Also, every 10 goals spans a new ball on the corresponding field.., what?!? Press back/select to restart and ESCape to exit. Note that you make up the rules, for example first to 10 best of 3 matches, or whatever.


Click the banner above to download. Good luck, and enjoy! =)


/The Intervoxel Team


Blue noise pattern generated with Poisson disc sampling code. Each 'seed' looks around itself for 'free slots' to place a new seed in. Blue noise is especially useful when you want a random looking pattern, but with a minimum distance between the objects.

It is not Halloween yet, but here is a GIF of a pumpkin bounce prototype anyway =)

FYRKANT v1.0 is out now!!! WHAT!?!!?


Download this awesome free 2-4 player death match couch brawler by clicking the cool fanart below!!

FYRKANT awesomeness going on =D

FYRKANT, our first game, just entered alpha! Read more about it and dowload the alpha build at IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/fyrkant


And watch a gameplay video here:








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